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Your new and exciting Sixth Form journey at Blessed William Howard Catholic High School (part of the Stafford Sixth Form Partnership) begins now!
Please note that the enrichment week for Sir Graham Balfour only will take place the week beginning Monday 11th July.

All the details for each school can be found below and on the other schools’ websites.

All Blessed William Howard students that wish to attend sixth form here will all need to attend at 8.45am on Monday 4th July and then for the timetabled lessons only.

On Wednesday 6th July BWH students that have applied to sixth form are to attend   at 2.15pm in the sixth form centre for an enrichment session into life as a sixth form student.

Transition Work for Y11 into Y12 2022



If you have opted for subjects solely at Blessed William Howard, students must arrange their own transport to and from Sixth Form during the fortnight.

If you are taking a subject at another centre in the Partnership, we are unable to provide transport at the beginning and end of each student’s school day. However, we can provide transport within the school day, either transporting our students from a BWH subject to a Partnership one, or vice versa. This will be arranged for you, but you must contact Mrs Broomhall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What do I need to bring with me?

A Ensure you have the stationery required for your particular subject, a note pad, academic diary or electronic equivalent. Most importantly, bring your energy, enthusiasm and enquiring minds.

Q May I go home after my sessions if I have no others that day?

A Yes, also if you have a gap in the school day you can leave site but you will need to sign out at reception.

Q What do I do for lunch?

A You are free to consume any food you bring to school in the Sixth Form Centre. You can also use the school Canteen from 1.15- 1.30pm.

Q Do I need to register?

A No. However, you must sign in and out at reception. This is essential for safeguarding reasons. You will be provided with your own ID badge in September which will allow you to sign in and out electronically.

Q If I am not sure what subjects I want to do in September, can I attend both transition lessons?

A Yes, you can attend the transition sessions for the subjects you are interested in studying.

Q Can I change the subjects that I have chosen?

A You can providing there is space on the subject. These can be changeable up to September.

Q What do I wear?

A Whilst the Partnership does not require students to wear a uniform, there is a dress code policy.

Dress Code:

 Clothes should be suitable for a business/work environment therefore they should not be offensive or embarrassing to others:

Trousers/jeans should be smart/casual, this does not allow rips/holes in jeans;

There should be no offensive slogans on clothing;

Skirts, shorts and tops should be of a suitable length;

Shoes should be of a sensible design.

This dress code applies to all members of the Stafford 14-19 Partnership.  

 If you have any further questions do not hesitate to come to see me in the 6th Form area or email me

Transition Week at Blessed William Howard Monday 4th July – Friday 8th

(Week 2)

Session 1

9.00 am

Session 2
11.25 am

Session 3
2.20 pm

4th July

Sixth form Introduction

Sixth form centre 9.00am start


Chemistry P2 & P3
Mr Cozier S7


English Literature P2 & P3
Ms Emily Willmore A6


English Literature & Language P2 only
Mrs Doust A10







5th July


P3 11.25am-12.30pm
Mr James MA3


P4 12.30-1.30pm
Mr Large  MA4



6th July

Philosophy & Ethics P1 & P2
 Miss Melia S7


 Physics P3

Mr Dudley S7

Enrichment – All BWH students to attend
Sixth Form Centre

7th July

History P2
Mr Treadwell B1  

History P3
Mrs Aylott C7  


Music P2 & P3
Mrs Helliker M1  


Art P4 & P5 (starts at 1.15pm)
Miss Capewell/Miss Matthews



8th July

Economics P1 & P2
Mr Whitehouse DT5

Biology P1& P2
Mrs Gibbs S7


Media P1 & P2
Mrs Fenney/Miss Capewell

Art 3





Lesson Times (Transition Week)

P1 – 9.00am -10.00am                      P4 – 1.15pm – 2.20pm
P2 – 10.00am – 11.05am                  P5 – 2.20pm – 3.20pm
P3 – 11.25am – 12.30pm

Transition Week at  The Weston Road Academy 4th- 8th July


SESSION 1 9.05- 10.45


SESSION 2 1105


SESSION 3 1.25


SESSION 4 3.15- 4.55


Chemistry (S3)

 History (G2)


Chemistry (S3)

History (MB1)

Maths (G1)

PE (G3)

Art (A4)

Maths (G9)

 PE (G3)

Art (A4)












Business (MB7)

Physics (S1)


Business (MB7)

Physics (S1)


An introduction to the 6th Form

Lecture Theatre





 Biology (S4)

Psychology (G1)


Biology (S8)



Geography (MB6)

English Literature (U7)


Geography (MB5)

English Literature (U11)






KEVI Transition Week Timetable – Week beginning 4th July


Session 1


Session 2


Session 3


Monday 4th July

Psychology (Sixth Form Centre)


Maths (Room 14) EJK & EU

Biology (B7) CB

Sociology (Sixth form Centre) JPG



History (F3) DLT



English Language (Sixth Form Centre) MLM

English Literature (U1) JSC

Enrichment (Sixth Form Centre) DA & JP






PE* (Sixth Form Centre)


PE* (Sixth Form Centre)


Chemistry (Room 13) ACS


*The time for this session is 9.30 – 12pm

Stafford Manor Transition Information Week beginning 4th July 2022











9 – 12:30

Health and Social Care

Double Award

9 - 12



9 – 12:30

Health and Social Care

Double Award

9 - 12
















9 – 12:30

Health and Social Care

Single Award

9 - 12



9 – 12:30

Health and Social Care

Single Award

9 - 12























 SGB Transition Week 11th July


Monday 11th

Tuesday 12th

Wednesday 13th

Thursday 14th

Friday 15th


Welcome, reminder why A-levels and why Balfour, importance of summer challenge work, understanding timetables and transport

PE 9.10-11.10

(Mrs Chapman)

Geography 11.30-1.30

(Mr Wass and Mr Hoyle)

Art 11.30-1.30

(Mrs Fisher)

English Lit 11.30-1.30

(Mrs Giles)

History 11.30-1.30

(Mr Martin)

Biology 11.30-1.30

(Mrs Collins)

Physics 11.30-1.30

(Mrs Lavelle)

Maths 11.30-1.30

(Mr Metcalfe and Mrs Jones)

French 11.30-1.30

(Mr Parry)

Computing 11.30-1.30

(Mr Tilsey)

Business Studies 11.30-1.30

(Mr Hancock)


Psychology 11.30-1.30

(Mrs Dangerfield)


Chemistry 11.30-1.30

(Miss Kempa)