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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is additional funding provided to schools in order to help close the attainment gap that exists between disadvantaged students and their peers. 

A student is considered ‘disadvantaged’ and is entitled to the Pupil Premium funding if they meet any of the criteria below:

• are currently entitled to Free School Meals

• have previously been eligible, whether claiming or not, to Free School Meals over the last six years

• are students who have parents serving in the Armed Forces

• are students who are currently ‘looked after’ by the Local Authority

Blessed William Howard Catholic High School is committed to ensuring that any funding received for these students has a clear and positive impact on raising the achievement of disadvantaged students whilst offering good value for money for our students. 


 How will the effectiveness of the Pupil Premium be measured?

 We will seek to evaluate the effectiveness of Pupil Premium funding through a combination of the following measures:

 •  progress in assessment and qualifications from previous starting points at both individual and cohort levels;

 •attainment in assessment and qualifications compared with national benchmarks;

 • attendance figures

 • Go4Schools behaviour points

 • individual student case studies.

Blessed William Howard Catholic High School is committed to reporting allocation, expenditure and impact of the Pupil Premium and documents relating to allocation, spending and impact can be found below. 

 Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2018/19

Pupil Premium Evaluation 2017/18

Pupil Premium information

Y7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Statement 2018-19

Catch Up Funding is additional funding provided to our school from the government with the aim of supporting students in Year 7 where they have not achieved expected progress at KS2.  Funding is now used to support students who gain less than 100 scaled score in the Key Stage 2 Reading Test and Mathematics.

The school uses the funding as detailed in the above statement.  The amount of funding received by the school for this financial year is:  £8887

 Y7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up 2017-18