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Uniform Policy (September 2018)

 P.E. Kits
Indoor kit                                                                           Outdoor kit
White and green embroidered T-shirt                   As indoor kit
School black embroidered shorts                            Black socks 
Black tracksuit bottoms                                               Black embroidered Hoodie 
Trainers                                                                                 Shin pads and gum shield (Hockey)
Suitable sports socks                                                    


Indoor kit                                                                            Outdoor kit
White and green embroidered T-shirt                 Emerald green embroidered rugby jersey
School black embroidered shorts                          Black football/rugby socks
Trainers                                                                                Black embroidered Hoodie 
Suitable sports socks                                                    Football/Rugby boots (compulsory)
Sports trainers  (not casual wear)                            Shin pads and gum shield (Football / Rugby)

Indoor kit                                                                             Outdoor kit
GCSE Embroidered T Shirt                                            Emerald green embroidered rugby jersey
(with name on the back–optional)                              Black football/rugby socks
School black embroidered shorts                              Football/Rugby boots 
The school reserves the right to make the final judgement on all issues relating to uniform.