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Brilliant Club Live Event

The school is signed up this year to the Brilliant Club's Scholar Programme. 
12 students in Year 9 were very excited on Monday of this week as the cohort attended the virtual event with Christ's College, Cambridge. At the launch event, students heard from undergraduates and the university outreach team about university life, what the Russell Group universities are, courses on offer nationwide for Higher Education and the importance of studying for an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) that we offer here at BWH in our 6th Form. We learnt that there are college-based, campus-based and city-style universities. Campus (e.g. Bath, Newcastle and York) are out-of-centre and first year accommodation is based on-site with all facilities and amenities a student needs. City unis like Manchester are integrated with the city with student housing being based in the community. Finally, collegiate unis like Oxbridge, Durham. We talked about university identity: university, department of the subject you study and your College. There are 31 colleges at Cambridge. 
We heard from a Linguist who is studying at Christ's College in Cambridge who chose the course at this university because it offered Medieval Literature. The presenters then outlined the application process and preparation for one of 24 Russell Group universities. Russell Group universities are research centres and have a lot of students who are world class researchers in their field and offer more traditional academic course offerings. Smaller group teaching is on offer at these 24 universities and places are incredibly competitive so A level grades are aspirational from BBB to A*A*A. Overall, there are over 50,000 courses on offer at universities in the UK. Students were able to ask questions in a live Q&A session on the courses and college life at Cambridge. It was a really inspirational session and the perfect way to kickstart the next 5 weeks of small group tutorials on our Programme with Birmingham City University on youth engagement in Urban Planning and Sustainability.