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Modern Languages

KEY STAGE 3 information (Year 7 and Year 8)


Language lessons at Blessed William Howard are highly interactive and students will be given the opportunity to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing building an awareness of grammar and encouraging students to manipulate language and express themselves with increasing confidence. We always aim to inspire a love of languages and appreciation for different cultures broadening students’ horizons, educating them to be globally aware and encouraging them to become culturally sensitive.

In Year 7, students will learn phonics and sounds, countries, nationalities and languages, numbers, days and dates. Students will learn appearance and personality, through the topic of ‘Family and Pets’. Students will learn how to express opinions through ‘School Life’. Students will learn how to describe sports &hobbies as well as where they live ‘My Town’. We will cover the present and near future tenses.

In Year 8, students will learn the present, near future and perfect  tenses through the topics of ‘Food, Drink and Healthy Living’, ‘Freetime’ and ‘Holidays’.

KS3 Information

KS4 Information


 Trip to France/Spain


-Vocabulary learning – help your child learn words and phrases

- Encourage them to use the Internet to access songs, films, news items in a foreign language as well as to use the following websites to practice work covered in lessons.

Linguascope.com (password from teacher)



Head of Department :  Mrs E Smithson                     ES@bwh.staffs.sch.uk

Teacher:  Miss Brull-Llao

 Key Stage 4 Information